by Mark Greksa (Owner)

I’m a foodie. I love good, nutritious food, period. While fast, low-quality food is the typical fare found at most tourist destinations, or heck, maybe at the hotel you stayed at last night where your breakfast was served in styrofoam, but I refuse to serve it to the 100,000 people who ride our train each year.

You know what I’m talking about… fake eggs, pre-packaged, sugary pancakes and high-fructose corn-syrup canned fruit for breakfast; dollar-deal high-sodium, no-nutritional value burgers with soggy, fat-laden, no-taste fries for lunch; and mega-calorie, high-fat, low-quality ingredient choose-your-poison dinners.

This stuff is killing us and most folks just put up with it, even when they’re on vacation.

Why is good food so important to us?

We travel through a canyon surrounded by 360-degree views of nature’s most stunning natural wonders. How can we, in good conscience, serve low-quality, nutritionally vapid food?  We can’t. And we don’t.

On board the train, you’ll find fresh and tasty entrees for breakfast, lunch and dinner that jive with our location and our love for all things Colorado.

The scenery and service aboard the Royal Gorge Route Railroad are second to none, as is the the train’s full service bar of well-curated local, organic and domestic wines and micro brews, as well as your favorite libations and aperitifs. Each enhance the occasion and make dealing with the kids (or in-laws?) that much more enjoyable.

Our First Class lunch and dinners are made with natural and organic ingredients whenever possible and practical; and all meats, and virtually all produce, are raised and grown locally as well. Order a chicken entree, and you’ll actually see a photo of the chicken you’re about to eat, complete with its birth certificate…(just kidding).

Choose from our fresh Grill Menu or go First Class!

Riding in Coach, Club or Vista Dome? We’ve created our 403 Grill Menu where you can choose from breakfast burritos, pancakes, & omelets on our 9:30 PM departure, to Basil Chicken Panini, grass-fed angus & buffalo burgers served on our 12:30, 3:30  and 6:30 PM departures. Our bartenders will gladly take care of you with a hand-picked selection of microbrews, wine & libations to satisfy every taste.

Upgrade to one of our First Class Lunch, Dinner, or Murder Mystery Trains and you’ll be treated to fine dining, excellent service, and wines from around the world to pair with your favorite entree selection. White linen table cloths, big views and choices of entrees ranging from Pollo Marsala, Sun dried Pesto Salmon and Colorado Wellington for lunch, to Colorado raised, slow roasted Prime Rib and Colorado Pork Shank for dinner.  All First Class lunches, dinners & murder mystery trains are 3-courses and include a fresh salad and dessert.

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