If you want to ensure that your business grows successfully, the saying goes to look for people smarter than you are, and get their help! That’s what we did and are fortunate having the help of a talented full-time staff, capable of keeping the Royal Gorge Route “on track” and meeting guest expectations throughout the year.

Carrying over 100,000 passengers safely through the Royal Gorge each year isn’t an easy task as this train is really a “moving city on train tracks” complete with multiple restaurants, water and wastewater, a power grid, heating and cooling, and yes, just a little bit of magic thrown into the mix. Meet the people responsible for your memorable experience on board the Royal Gorge RouteRailroad:

Dan, General Manager

Dan brings over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry to bear in making sure that you have the best possible experience on-board the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. Hailing from Denver orginally, he has lived all over these United States, travelling where interest and the beauty of the outdoors have lead. Coming back to Colorado was inevitable, and we’re happy as can be that he chose Canon City and the Royal Gorge Region to call home!

Glenn, Accounting Manager

Whenever you turn around, Glenn is there. Literally. From kitchen to coach – engine room to depot, Glenn is omnipresent – making sure it all works like a fine Swiss watch. It seems that’s exactly what it takes to create a leisurely, delicious adventure through one of Colorado’s most stunning landscapes for more than 100,000 guests every year. His penchant for hospitality derives from his childhood in Louisiana. This begs an important question: Why hasn’t Glenn cooked up some authentic gumbo for all of us westerners yet? Glenn?

Evan, Sales Manager

Evan is born and raised in Colorado.  A bit of a jack-of-all-trades, this position is just another notch on his already extensive list of “know hows”.  He started off his career as ticket agent and has steadily moved his way through the train ranks.  He uses his love and knowledge of the Royal Gorge Route to ensure our guests receive the best possible experience.

When not in the office, you may find Evan hiking one of Colorado’s 14ers (mountains rising 14,000ft above sea-level for you out-of-staters), snapping photos, or catching a Colorado Avalanche game.

Norma, Gift Shop Manager

A ride on the Royal Gorge Route will be the absolute highlight of your trip to the Royal Gorge. However, we must admit, a trip into the Santa Fe Depot Gift Shop is a close second. Norma is passionate about creating an exciting and child-like experience. She’s an expert buyer and merchandiser who spends her days delighting shoppers with toys and gifts to commemorate their visit or simply add to their personal collections. This job is a labor of love for Norma, so much so we’re pretty sure she would do it for free. While it’s tempting to revoke her paycheck, we plan to continue compensating her since she does drive a scenic hour each way to get here each and every day.

Jeremy, Food and Beverage Director

While Jeremy’s first claim to fame was teaching himself to juggle apples while riding a unicycle at the tender age of 12, today he is a master in the kitchen. As the Royal Gorge Route’s executive chef, Jeremy develops our menus and procures local and seasonal ingredients to make our Colorado-inspired multi-course meals. When he’s not fishing and hiking with his family, you’ll find him cooking in our railcar kitchen, where he grills, sautés, simmers and creates super-cool presentations of his dishes for our guests from around the world.

Jessica, On-board Services Manager

Jessica, a Colorado native, enjoys partaking in and sharing the wonders of our beautiful state. Avid kayaker and skier, Jessica finds herself at home as we cruise through the stunning Royal Gorge following alongside the Arkansas River. Along with her love of Colorado and the outdoors Jessica brings with her years of experience in the tourism and food and beverage business. From the resort towns of Durango and Breckenridge to the beautiful island of Maui, Jessica has always made her home in exceptional locations and the Royal Gorge Region is no exception.

Sandra, Operations Superintendent

Sandra hails from Northwest Indiana. As a child, Sandra read about the vast beauty and adventure to be had in the old west. As an adult, she has laid roots right here in Canon City where she not only gets to navigate the train on the same railway tracks of that of  the big Railroad War of 1879, but also has the chance to explore all the history that Colorado has to offer. Sandra would have never guessed she would make the Railroad her career but we are glad to have her as part of our family.  Sandra began her operations career here as a Conductor, then to Engineer and now as our Superintendent.

Brent, Chief Mechanical Officer

Brent’s wife calls him Fred Flintstone. While he doesn’t work at a quarry, he has a serious penchant for rocks, crystals and gold. He pans for the latter when he’s not on the Royal Gorge Route line maintaining and rebuilding our mid-century railcars and locomotives. Brent is a wizard journeyman electrician, which means a lot when you’re in this line of work. His favorite thing to do is build new electrical control circuits for the trains. Yup, he’s scary smart.

Wayne, Conductor, Carpenter & Engineer

Wayne lives in the land-locked Rocky Mountains, yet his favorite food comes from the sea. He spends his days maintaining and renovating our beautiful, American-made mid-century railcars, yet he’s currently rebuilding a ’71 Nova at home. Do you know what Nova means in Spanish? No go. Where am I going with all this? Wayne is an optimist with an extraordinary talent for mechanics and carpentry, and a life-long love of lobster.

Mike, Maintenance & Engineer

You may find this hard to believe, but Mike loves cleaning up after other people. Especially the guys he works with in the shop. He is also a skilled maintenance and renovation pro – which we think he might secretly like more than the cleaning part. He also raises cattle on his ranch here in Southern Colorado, which means he knows the meaning of local and sustainable food as well as our executive chef.

Train Staff

This list of stellar staff wouldn’t be complete without an outpouring of sincere gratitude to our seasonal team, many of whom come back year after year to serve guests throughout the busy summer months. These folks serve our fine meals and libations, man the Santa Fe Depot and take care of passengers throughout their Royal Gorge Route experience. We couldn’t make your trip as wonderful and memorable without them.


Royal Gorge Route Railroad
Santa Fe Depot
330 Royal Gorge Boulevard
Canon City, CO 81212